We are a legit company with 500+ reviews. 3 brothers liquor is located at 1031 Broadway, El Cajon. We guarantee our work to be 100% perfect! But, not everything is perfect, so we do make a couple of mistakes here and there. We want every customer to feel safe and secured when making a purchase with us! You can contact us before hand to make sure we are as legit as we get. You can contact us through email, chat box, phone number, google message board, etc. If you are still unsure whether to make the purchase or not, we 100% get you and we will give you a step by step process of how our shipment process works, so you won’t have to worry about anything when it comes to losing your package, or packaged not received. We hope to provide you with 100% guaranteed satisfaction and will do anything to make our customers happy!
August 16, 2021 — Mark Hindaia