Are Cardi B's new vodka infused whipped cream shots good? Right off the bat, it's pretty obvious that Whipshots aren't your average can of Reddi Wip. The packaging feels admittedly luxe, and the subtle ombré of the three flavors?! I mean, from a branding perspective, I'm sold. As the can notes, it's also dairy-free and does not require refrigeration. I am still equal parts confused and very, very impressed. It sprays like whipped cream! It looks like whipped cream! It tastes...STRONG AF. Let me be totally clear, though: it's a good kind of strong. They really didn't skimp out on the booziness when they figured out the Whipshots formula, but they also didn't go totally overboard, either. Which, as a whipped cream and vodka-lover, I appreciate. Like the cans, the "cream" itself (again, did I mention it's dairy-free?) gets darker in hue as you move from vanilla to mocha.

  • I found the chocolaty notes of the mocha to pair beautifully with the bite of the vodka, and it honestly tasted like...well, chocolate. Not chocolate flavoring.
  • The vanilla was also pretty tasty, but the bite of the vodka came through a lot more than it did in the mocha.
  • It's not that I disliked caramel...I just found the artificial caramel flavor to be the most "chemical-y" of the three. While I wasn't left with any sort of weird, artificial flavoring aftertaste, I definitely thought "ah, yep, this isn't real caramel."

You can try it yourself by using the top search on the left side of the page! Enjoy. 

May 14, 2022 — Mark Hindaia