Every Spring and fall there is a new Old Fitzgerald Bottled-In-Bond that was released by Heaven Hill Distillery. Old Fditzergerald was originally owned by Pappy Van Winkle, but later on was purchased by Heaven Hill Distillery. This certain Old Fitzgerald was produced back in fall 2005, which is why it makes the the 14-year red label release. This is currently the sixth national release behind the old Fitzgerald 15 Year. Something else really unique about Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond is the bottle shape. The bottle is reminiscent of an old glass decanter with a fancy cork top. This is something you’d want to display on your shelf for your guests to admire, rather than in your cupboard. Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond 14 Year (Fall 2020) has a rich earthy, and malty flavour. It's complex but not overwhelming with a little heat at the end. There's a sweetness to the nose and palate with fruits, nuts and maple. Overall I really liked the flavour and would recommend it as a good whiskey to drink neat. It would be especially good as an after dinner dessert. Here at 3 brothers liquor we currently rate the Old Fitzgerald 14 year bottled-In-Bond 14 year (Fall 2020) at 4.5/5.0. Really tasty texture, there’s a sweetness of maple syrup, fig, caramel apple, and vanilla balanced with malt, yeast, and a dash of pepper. It’s like a fresh baked pie in a glass. The mouthfeel is very buttery and smooth with a little heat at the end. Very tasty whiskey!

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December 14, 2020 — Mark Hindaia