Yeni Raki & Ouzo Kefi Blue Series Gift Sets (Limited Edition Combo)


Yeni Raki:                                                                                                             A gift pack containing a pair of glasses and a bottle of Yeni – a traditional Turkish raki, distilled twice in copper alembics. Raki is frequently drunk with water, the addition of which causes it to throw a milky louche – in this form it is commonly refered to as ‘aslan sutu’, which translates as ‘lion’s milk’.
Ouzo Kefi Blue Series:                                                                                      Aromas: Exquisite, fine, intense and stirring in the nose. A complex bouquet of aromas, which consists of a special tones held in Greek landscapes like chamomile, anise and the Greek tradition like sesame.
Taste: Rich, deep and balanced, beginning with “soft” alcohol and ending with a subtly sweet aftertaste. Greek anise, star anise, mastiha from the island of Chios, Finnochio (fennel) and the rarely found angelica are awarded, while they are ideally combined to reveal their extraordinarily different taste character “Memoir”