Gold Bar Rickhouse Cask Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Crafted with care in the heart of the San Francisco Bay, GOLD BAR Whiskey offers an award-winning portfolio of American Whiskies enjoyed by whiskey drinkers around the world. Our barrel rickhouse sits beneath rustic Californian Redwood beams where the whiskies are double cask finished in former wine barrels chosen from select wineries in the Napa Valley. Montgomery Paulsen, GOLD BAR Whiskey's Master Blender and a second generation winemaker from Napa Valley, brings his passion and expertise to every bottle produced. GOLD BAR Whiskey produces three unique, award-winning whiskies: GOLD BAR Whiskey Original, GOLD BAR Black Double Cask Bourbon and RICKHOUSE Cask Strength Bourbon. Each bottle of GOLD BAR Whiskey features an iconic 'Lady of Fortune' solid brass coin hand-pressed onto each bottle. The coin is a symbol of true American craftsmanship and GOLD BAR Whiskey's history.