Infusion Sky "Tropical Mango" Vodka

$16.99 $19.99

Skyy Infusions Tropical Mango Vodka was just released. It is one of 18 Infusion flavors currently in the Skyy product line. Skyy starts with Midwestern grown wheat that is quadruple distilled in Pekin Illinois. Upon its arrival in San Jose California the vodka is blended with water filtered through reverse osmosis and then triple filtered through California limestone. The vodka is infused with tropical mango and other natural flavors and bottled at 70 proof.The aroma is fresh sliced mango. The sweet natural mango entry builds to a juicy mango peak. There is a sprinkle of pepper on the warm fade before finishing with bitter mango skin and vodka taste. Skyy Infusions Tropical Mango Vodka has a natural mango flavor burst that will pop in cocktails.