Remy Martin "1738" Cognac Gift Set With Remy Martin X.O. Shot (Limited Edition)

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Rémy 1738 Accord Royal is a tribute to the savoir-faire and quality of Rémy Martin Cognacs, which were already rewarded in 1738 by the King of France. The embodiment of traditional craftsmanship, 1738 Accord Royal is made from eaux-de-vie coming exclusively from Fine Champagne, meaning at least 50% must have come from Grande Champagne and the remainder from Petite Champagne – two of the finest terroirs. Traditionally distilled with the lees in small copper stills, it’s combined with a distinctive selection of eaux-de-vie aged in toasted barrels.
Like all Rémy Martin cognacs: 1738 Accord Royal is harmonious, rich and long on the palate, with generous notes of plum and fig marmalade rounded out by intense oaky notes of toffee and toasted bread. Exceptionally round with a creamy aftertaste and a concentration of nutty aromas, this is an excellent Cognac that boasts great quality.
This limited-edition gift set contains a bottle of Remy Martin 1718 Accord Royal Cognac along with an ice mould to create big, square ice cubes that will chill your Cognac beautifully without diluting it.