Robert Mondavi "Sauvignon Blanc" Winery Napa Fume Blanc


Robert Mondavi Winery Napa Valley Fume Blanc White Wine is a light wine with a refreshing, mouthwatering flavor. Deliciously complex orange marmalade, honey, marzipan, orange zest and buttery crust flavors mix together with aromas of caramelized red apples, nuts, brown sugar and nougat in every sip. This California white wine combines sauvignon blanc with a small percentage of semillon grapes to give the final blend a broader mouthfeel and enhanced complexity. The unique geography and climate of Napa Valley produce delicious grapes that give Robert Mondavi wine its distinctive character and intense fruit flavor. Ninety percent of this fume blanc wine is barrel fermented for added richness and complexity, while the remainder undergoes a cool fermentation in stainless steel to heighten the vibrant fruity and herbal flavors. Pair a glass of this table white wine with fish, oysters, cheese or vegetables. Refrigerate this bottle of wine for 2 to 2 and a half hours, then serve chilled for optimal taste. Please enjoy our wines responsibly. © 2020 Robert Mondavi, Acampo, CA USA