Wheatley Vodka Sazerac Rye Buffalo Trace Bourbon Special (3 Bottle Combo)


Wheatley Vodka - distilled a total of 10 times, triple filtered, and bottled at 82 proof. This artisanal vodka has a clean crisp, and fresh taste. It is made at Buffalo Trace Distillery and crafted in small batches.

Sazerac Rye - named for the Sazerac Coffee House in New Orleans, birthplace of the famous – and sublime – Sazerac cocktail. It is a terrific spicy rye from Buffalo Trace, fresh, bright and attractive. Has a subtle rye note, allspice, leather and a hint of oak.

Buffalo Trace Bourbon - distilled, aged and bottled at the most award-winning distillery in the world. Made from the finest corn, rye and barley malt, this whiskey ages in new oak barrels for years in century old warehouses until the peak of maturity. Spicy and sweet with caramel, creamy toffee eclairs, hints of cinnamon, rum spice and cereal sweetness.